Merrick Community Services’ Environmental Construction Workers Training Program annually provides a training program to low income Saint Paul and East Side Metro area residents.

This training consists of education in environmental & construction Skills. Program also includes instruction and life skills, which address the common barriers to success in the work place and long term employment.
Environmental training includes training modules of ECWTP include forty hours of training and hazard waste clean up,OSHA 30,and 16 hours of confined space and are coordinated by CPWR.ECWTP also provides forty hours of weatherization and introduction to Green training.
Merrick Community Services provides training and first aide, CPR, Adult AED,basic computer completing job applications, interviewing,job success and financial literacy. MCS also assists students who need additional support in reading, math, and inquiring GED.

Construction Training

The Construction training modules are held at Union Apprenticeship Training sites and are provided in 40-hour units.This 2013-2014 season was designed and delivered by personnel from the following local unions.

  •  Saint Paul Building & Construction Trades
  • Finishing Trades of the Upper Midwest
  • Pipe fitters Local #455
  • Metro Area Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #10
  • Floor Covers Training Center
  • MN Painters & Decorating
  • Brick Layers & Allied Craft workers Local Union #1
Students at the MN Construction Career Hiring EXP
Follow Up 
MCS works with local contractors and alumni graduates to place current participants in the construction industry. MCS provides ongoing support for one year. Staffing is available to assist with issues that could prevent graduates from being successful in their careers.
Hubb at Harding

The Program 

Merrick Community Services (MCS) has been the lead agency for the Environmental Construction Workers Training Program (ECWTP) in Saint Paul since 1995. This program is funded by the Great Twin Cities United Way and the National Institute for Environmental health sciences,which is administered by the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) in Washington D.C.

The purpose if Saint Paul’s ECWTP is to administer an environmental and construction training program that recruits,enrolls,trains and retrains 30 students per year. Students that participate live in distresses areas in Saint Paul and the East Metro area.

Partners in MCS’ ECWTP program are CPWR,the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, the Greater Twin Cities United Way, American Red Cross, Woodland Hills church, Hubb Center.

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