Helping Fight Poverty–Thank you Merrick Community Services

I am a former resident of Saint Paul, MN. And a present resident of Brooklyn Center MN. I m also a 54 year old black male who grew up in the streets of Philly living in poverty  most of my life.

I learned later in life how America has designed the perfect socio-economic system.

This perfect system is geared to keep you in the social-economic status that you were born in. Which basically means if you are born poor, you more likely will die poor.

So life for most of our inner city citizens is as good as it’s going to get. Saint Paul has a poverty rate of 40%.  Those in that 40% fight to survive. They fight issues such as employment, healthy foods, family crises and a host of other obstacles that come with poverty in our inner cities.

Thankfully we have groups like Merrick Community Services. When groups like Merrick offer services like Food Shelves Family Services, Employment along with Senior and Youth Services as Merrick does it makes a difference. This gives families a huge relief. In our fight for equality and social justice in America I personally want to say thank you Merrick for your work in helping to change lives in Saint Paul.

You guys are great.

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