March Food Drive 2018

You helped us raise $85,000  in our 2017 March Food Drive.

That is $85,000 going into the community, going to the people who need it, going to people who may not have a meal tonight.

Our March Food Drive is one of our biggest events. Last year you helped us collect over 4,000 pounds of groceries and you gave us your time–140 volunteers gave more than 800 hours of their time.

We hope to do the same this year, but we can’t do it without help. Our organization rests on the commitment of the community. We try to improve the lives of the residents of the East Side of Saint Paul. In order to empower individuals, strengthen families, and promote independence, we need others to join our cause.


Many people want a better society.  A society comprised of friendly neighbors and thoughtful strangers. But, in order to create that type of society, we have to give our time to help others. We have to do our part to help society grow.

No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.

Adam Smith

Society rests firmly on each individual. Community is a chain of interconnected individuals and we all benefit when the weakest chain is fixed.

A popular tale from Aesop talks about a father who has a number of sons who are continually arguing with each other. On his death bed, the father calls his children to his side and gives each of them a stick and tells them to brake it. Each son does it easily. The father then ties a bundle of sticks together and tells them to try and brake it now. None of the children have the strength to accomplish the task.

We are the bundle of sticks when we work together to build a better community.


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