About the 2023 March Food Drive

The past year has brought many challenges, most prominently to those we serve who are already facing a myriad of systematic disparities. As we step into a new March, it is more important than ever to walk alongside our East Side Saint Paul neighbors facing hunger and food insecurity.  This presents each of us a deep challenge and opportunity to demonstrate deep concern and care for one another.

Our goal in 2023 is to raise at least $30,000. Your donations make a BIG difference; for each $100.00 donated, approximately 300 meals can be provided for hungry families. In this time of unveiled need, we strive to exceed last year’s efforts.

Can you help your neighbors with a food or monetary donation this March?

Donate Money

Monetary donations can be stretched further than donations of food because of access to discount products and programs.

Mail a check to:

Merrick Community Services
1669 Arcade Avenue North, Suite 4
St. Paul, MN 55106

If you have questions about making a monetary donation for the March Food Drive, please contact Kate Kelly, Director of Development at 651-219-5557 or kkelly@merrickcs.org.

Donate Food

March 1 – April 14
Mondays, 3 pm – 5 pm 
Tuesday – Thursday, 10 am – 12 pm 

During these dates and times, you can drop your food donations at:

Merrick Community Services
1669 Arcade Avenue North, Suite 4
St. Paul, MN 55106

Drive into the Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church parking lot off of Idaho and Larpenteur. Head to the north of the lot where you will see Merrick’s building. Follow the signs for the food shelf which is on the back side of the building at door 2A.

If you have questions about making a food donation for the March Food Drive, please contact Joshua Bau, Food Services Manager at 651-129-5535 or jbau@merrickcs.org.

What to Donate

Any donations are appreciated but here are the top five food-appropriate items that the community needs:

1: Cooking oils and vinegars; such as canola oil, olive oil, chili oil, sesame oil, red or white wine vinegar, rice vinegar, champagne vinegar, butter, Mirin and any other cooking oils or vinegars.

2: Spices; dried chilies of all varieties, cumin, coriander, red pepper flakes, garlic, ginger, turmeric, paprika, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon, curry, cayenne pepper, Cajun seasoning, black pepper, kosher salt, bay leaves, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, star anise, caraway, fenugreek, all spice, sage, and any other spice.

3: Cooking Sauces; Tamari or generic soy sauce, fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Tamarind paste, fermented bean pastes, chili pastes, coconut milk, Oyster sauce, Garlic Chili Sauce, Beef broth, Vegetable broth, Chicken broth, Sriracha or any other sauces for cooking.

4: Proteins; Peanut butter, Almond butter, cashew butter, spam, tuna, canned chicken, smoked salmon, sardines, smoked eel, or any other shelf stable proteins.

5: Grains; Jasmine rice, basmati rice, apple brand sweet rice, Kokuhu rice, Nishiki rice, artisan egg noodles, rice noodles, Soba noodles, all-purpose flour, rice flour, corn flour, fufu flour, semolina flour, whole wheat flour or any other grains.