Volunteering for Brain Food?

Why should you volunteer?

According to Psychology Today, there are many reasons why you should volunteer. One of them is because it helps you live longer and happier lives. This occurs because people who volunteer are able to build meaningful relationships, which helps our brains remain healthy and young.

People are always looking for jobs and are trying to receive a higher income. Many college students try to strengthen their resume by including soft-skills and classes. But, one of the best ways to improve your career and get that job you’ve dreamed about is by volunteering. Volunteering, according to Psychology Today, allows you to create “weak ties” with others. “Weak ties” are social networks that happen outside of your profession or job. These weak ties can be extremely important when looking for letters of recommendations or new opportunities.

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As we mentioned before in other posts, volunteering is extremely beneficial for society. Many organizations that help others rely on volunteers. Without volunteers, many of these organizations would fail and the benefit they give to society would stop.

If you spend your time helping others and work hard for causes you feel strongly about, then volunteering can give you a sense of purpose. With a sense of purpose, you become happier and healthier.

All of these things are benefits we receive by volunteering a little bit of our time each week.

Think about this next time you have the opportunity to volunteer.

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