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We Need More Orgs in Urban Communities like Merrick Community Services

In our urban communities there is a huge need for free community services like the ones provided by Merrick. In the United States there is a huge wealth gap. This wealth gap is what fuels the gap in education, which fuels the inability to raise the economic status in our urban communities. Our young people in high wealth families can easily strive in education, which secures them financial opportunities and keeps them in the economic status they were born in. These families don’t have the everyday worries and struggles like those of us with low economic statuses.

Our government has struggled in providing relief or solutions that will give low in-come families the opportunities equal to those in higher standings. There are limited policies that help low in-come families reduce poverty or improve access to services leading to a better education and health services. This is why we need more organizations like Merrick Community Services of East Saint Paul, MN.

Merrick has been serving the east side since 1908. We provide much needed supports such as Employment Services (teaching the tools necessary to secure employment), Family Services (helping families with issues and providing referrals to necessary services), Senior and Youth programs(promoting independence for seniors and afterschool/ summer programs for the youth), as well as Food Shelf services that contribute to mass amounts of healthy nutrition and food security.

Help support our work today by donating at https://give.merrickcs.org/ 


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