Group Volunteer Opportunities at Merrick Community Services:

Please see descriptions of all of the Group Volunteering opportunities below and then have the group leader/main contact person fill out the Group Volunteer Application online. When the group leader/main contact person fills out the application they will select a name for the group. Then each member of the group will need to fill out the Group Volunteers Contact Information form online.

Spring Yard Clean-Up: Groups help with spring clean-up yard work for seniors in Saint Paul (focusing on the East Side and spreading through other areas of Saint Paul as well). Volunteer groups of 2 to 6 can sign up to complete a few hours of yard work in a day, helping to clean up multiple yards so homebound seniors can remain in their well-cared-for homes. Although the chore program does have a couple rakes they can supply, it would be very helpful if volunteers could bring one or two of their own. Merrick will gladly supply bags and arrange the pickup of compost if volunteers do not have the means to haul it to a local site. Typically volunteers choose a weekend day to provide these yard clean-up services, but arrangements can be made to set up a volunteer project at any point during the week. Merrick Senior Staff identifies seniors who could use volunteer assistance, sets the appointments and creates a list with turn by turn maps and directions to make it as simple as possible for the volunteers. Volunteers independently arrive at the various locations, complete the work, and report back to the Senior Services Supervisor once the work is completed. These efforts allow seniors to save their precious financial resources for other needs, and also put a smile on their faces. Youth groups, employee teams, friends, and church groups enjoy taking on these projects. (Spring – March – May)
Family Services Holiday Share Toy Distribution: GREAT opportunity for group volunteering with friends, family and co-workers! (Mid-December)

Holiday Share Phone & Data Entry Bank: Provide crucial help to families seeking
Christmas assistance by answering phones or entering information into a database. This includes registering families for Christmas assistance and troubleshooting basic questions about Salvation Army Christmas programs. (November and December)

Youth Program Support: Merrick is dedicated to providing a variety of youth services in a safe, healthy environment. Programs are designed to promote responsibility and respect for self, others and property, and are offered during after-school, evening hours, Saturdays and out of school time. Learn more.
If there is a volunteer position that you are interested in, that is not listed above, please contact 651-771-9339 or by email at