Serving the East Side of Saint Paul since 1908

Board of Directors 2016 – 2017

Daniel A. Rodriguez – Executive Director
“I’ve been with Merrick Community Services for over six years, and each year I am more impressed with the important, transformative impact we make through the delivery of our programs and services on the East Side and beyond. I can’t imagine the East Side without Merrick. Without a doubt, we make a real difference in the lives of those we are privileged to serve. Addressing issues of poverty and hunger and domestic abuse and independence and isolation and unemployment and youth development and a variety of domestic and family crises are all in a day’s work.”

John Bredesen, Jr. Chair – Minco Products, Inc.
“I joined the Merrick board of directors as a way to pay it forward. The combination of ‘help the now’ (food shelf, senior services, meals on wheels, etc.) with the ‘help the future; (employment services, youth and family) resonates with me. I have a sign on my door at work that says: ‘What have you done today to make tomorrow better?’ Merrick does that every day and I am proud to be a part of that.”

Rod Mendenhall, Vice Chair – 3M
“My interest in and commitment to Merrick surrounds the desire to help improve the lives of the people and families living on St. Paul’s east side. However it wasn’t until becoming a MCS board member that I realized how much need there was on the east side and how many programs MCS has in support of those people in need. My goal as a MCS board member is to help support MCS staff in successfully delivering the services necessary to provide St. Paul’s east side residents a better way of life.”

Kathryn Sibbel, Secretary – Ecolab
“I am a Merrick Community Services board member because I have never gone to bed hungry, been homebound and alone, attended class without ample school supplies, hung out on the streets because I didn’t have a place to go with youth activities, experienced a gift-less Christmas or been in need of a good job with a livable wage. Being a Merrick board member is my way of showing gratitude and contributing to my community.”

John Atkins Treasurer – Metropolitan Council
“Originally asked to participate on Merrick’s finance committee, I was subsequently offered the opportunity to fill a vacancy that arose from a board member departure. I accepted that offer to participate on the board because of a sense of obligation to give time, energy and resources—limited as they may be—in support of assisting others in need. As someone who was born in St. Paul and who has spent most of my working life in St. Paul, I am quite aware of the tremendous need throughout this great city and particularly its East Side. I consider myself quite privileged to be able to assist Merrick in some small way as it helps others to achieve self-sufficiency.”

Ruth Anderson – AgriBank
“I work with Merrick because of the passion and commitment they have for the work they do and the people they help. It is energizing and rewarding to support an organization that does such great work for the East side.”

Wolfie Browender – Community Volunteer
“Saint Paul is a wonderful place and it will be even better when all of its residents have necessities like a safe home, enough food, good education and employment. I have been very fortunate in my life, so when searching for an organization to commit to, I was hooked by Merrick’s long involvement on Saint Paul’s East Side. It is my privilege to help Merrick’s dedicated staff improve the lives of so many people.”

Max Brummel – Ecolab
“Merrick’s history, mission and operations all closely align with my own personal interests, which made it a fairly easy decision to get involved. I also want my young children to see me volunteering regularly to improve the lives of others outside our immediate circle, and want them to know we are all connected!”

Nancy Diekmann – Xcel Energy
“I am proud to serve as a Merrick Board Member because everyone deserves a chance to unleash their own potential. Some are born onto that path and others must find it as they journey through life’s challenges. I am grateful to be part of this community and strongly believe that ‘we all do better, when we all do better.’”

Brian Findlay – 3M
“I joined the board of Merrick Community Services six years ago in order to partner my network, skills and passions to actively build stronger communities with the incredible mission and programs Merrick provides the East Side of St. Paul. We support, develop and empower individuals and families through high-impact programs like the food shelf, senior, family/youth and employment services. All these programs benefit from the civic, corporate and personal resources a strong board member can bring.”

Bonne Kluge – retired
“I grew up on the East Side and wanted to be involved in an organization dedicated to helping the East Side and Merrick has a long, successful record of that. So, as a volunteer and a board member, I have been grateful to be a part of Merrick and to help promote its continuing success and benefits to the community.”

Callie Koeniger – Sunrise Banks
“I serve on Merrick’s board because I am impressed by Merrick’s long history of working on the East Side of St. Paul. I am motivated by Merrick’s mission of helping others work towards self-sufficiency and have enjoyed volunteering at events such as the Holiday Share.”

Michael Luseni – Minneapolis Public Schools
“Merrick is one of those organizations that provides more than just services and support…it is part of the family of those that are served. While I enjoy serving on the board, I also believe in my heart that if I was to experience what some of our families are experiencing, I would want to be supported by an organization like Merrick. Merrick and its leadership not only provide services and support to families, but also ‘see’ them as people…”

Betty Nelson – Retired
“Serving on the Merrick Community Services board allows me to live out my faith in a tangible way—serving people in need of physical, spiritual and emotional support. In addition, I can use my work and life experiences to pay it forward while doing something I am passionately committed.”

Brady Walz – Ecolab
“I am honored to serve on the Merrick board because the organization’s mission— serving St. Paul’s East Side community and working together to improve the lives of the residents by empowering individuals, strengthening families and promoting their independence—is something I observe the MCS staff carry out on a daily basis with very limited resources. Serving on the board allows me to stretch myself personally and professionally to assist in a small way to help Merrick continue to carry out this important mission.”