May 25 George Floyd Remembrance and Racial Reckoning

May 25: George Floyd Remembrance and Racial Reckoning

Today marks the tragic anniversary of George Floyd’s murder across the River in Minneapolis.  As we all recall, the eyes of the nation and world became focused on this tragedy, which led to an outpouring of outrage, despair, and disbelief.  Three years later, the African American community (in particular) and others of us who aspire to be good allies and change agents continue our journey toward healing and justice.

So, as we remember George Floyd, a man who literally changed the world, we wanted you to be aware of the George Floyd Global Memorial that is hosting a three-day festival in celebration of George’s life and his legacy.

The Rise & Remember festivities start today and continue through Saturday.  All are welcome to “inspire people to rise to the occasion, come together in community, and build racial equity.”

A candlelight vigil, a gala fundraiser, and a free community festival open to anyone who wants to celebrate the life of George Floyd are just a few of the items occurring during the 3-day event.

For information on the festival, visit:

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