Press Release-Learn & Earn Human Services Program (UPDATED)

August 7, 2023

Merrick Community Services
1669 Arcade Street, Suite #4
St. Paul, MN 55106

RE:  Press Release-Learn & Earn Human Services Program (UPDATED)

Merrick Community Services, in cooperation with our partners at Hired and the Karen Organization of Minnesota (KOM), are proud to announce our Learn & Earn Human Services Program.  This program will provide Ramsey County participants, ages 18-30, the opportunity to participate in a 14-week, credentialed class in Human Services.

The first 8 weeks includes the following:

  • Introduction to the role of a Community Support Specialist in Human Services.
  • Digital Skills, MS Office, Northstar Digital Literacy Certificates.
  • Mental Health First Aid Certification.
  • Customer Service and Terminology.
  • Job Skills-Resume, Interviewing, Group Projects, and Presentations.
  • Business Professionalism and Leading in Human Services.
  • Coaching, Counseling, and Navigating Resources.

A 6-week internship will follow the completion of the course.

Participants will be compensated for both the time they are learning within the program, as well as the time they spend in training and internships.

Next Steps:

  1. Select an agency (Merrick Community Services, Hired or KOM). You only need to apply with 1 agency.
  2. Complete an Agency Application and Submit it by 9/1/23.
  3. Attend an Agency Information Session (Date to be announced).
  4. You will receive notification of class selection on or before 9/11/23.

Training Location:  Hired (800 Minnehaha Ave. E., Suite 200, St. Paul, MN 55106)

Important Dates:  Recruiting Now!

Class Start Date:  9/18/23  (UPDATED!)


Contact Any of the Following (You only need to contact 1 agency) for more information:

Merrick Community Services
Alison Hruby
Phone:  651-243-6725 (Please leave voicemail message)

Caitlin Osell
Phone:  612-433-9328

Lisa Khang
Phone:  651-253-3894


Program Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act

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